Relaxation Coach B-License
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Relaxation Coach B-License

Relaxation Coach B-License

Reclaim harmony in your life! In the Relaxation Coach B-License course you will find out all about stress, its origins and causes, as well as how to effectively employ Relaxation Techniques to reduce the effects of stress.

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Course Contents

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Dem Stress keine Chance geben

Die Online Trainer Lizenz Entspannungstrainer B ist der perfekte erste Schritt für all jene, die eine Arbeit als Entspannungstrainer anstreben oder mehr Harmonie und Gelassenheit in das eigene Leben bringen möchten. Sie möchten Sich ein besseres Verständnis für Ursachen, Wirkungen und Umgang mit Stress im Alltag aneignen oder in die Ausbildung zur EntspannungstrainerIn A-Lizenz hineinschnuppern. Dann starten Sie jetzt Ihre Ausbildung!

Was sind die Inhalte dieser Ausbildung?

Neben einer umfangreichen Schulung in der Stresstheorie bringen wir Ihnen mit unserem Fernstudium auch Strategien zur Reizreduzierung und -vermeidung näher. Neben der Theorie darf hier auch die Praxis nicht fehlen. Mit der progressiven Muskelrelaxation und dem autogenen Training stellen wir Ihnen zwei bekannte und effektive Entspannungstechniken detaillierter vor.

Mit Ihrer Anmeldung stehen Ihnen alle Unterlagen und Videos rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung. Sie können die Online-Ausbildung also perfekt an Ihren Zeitplan anpassen.

Einen genaueren Einblick in die Ausbildungsinhalte finden Sie unter Detaillierte Lerninhalte.

Sie haben konkrete Fragen zur Ausbildung?

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen per Kontakt telefonisch, via E-Mail oder im Chat weiterhelfen zu können. Vielleicht finden Sie die Antwort auf Ihre Frage aber in unseren allgemeinen FAQ oder Entspannungstrainer FAQ.

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Individual Timeframe
Free Demo
Support via E-mail, telephone and WhatsApp
Course Text
All modules available immediately
Bonus Module
Certificate Available German, English, Spanish
Coupon for up to 35% off (on additional upgrades)
High-quality Printed Certificate
Certificate Postal Delivery
NADA Anti-Doping Module
Exam fees included
4K HD Videos
Career Coaching
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In this course you will...

  • Learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress in your professional and everyday life
  • Optimize your focus and performance by using mental and autogenic training techniques
  • Learn how to define stress, gain an understanding of the biological mechnaisms of stress and study useful theoretical approaches to stress, such as the SORK schema
  • Gain a theoretical and practical understanding of progressive muscle relaxation

126 Videos!

in 4K HD

One of the videos from the course

Learn how to fight stress at its roots.

Prerequisite Requirements 

  • written or online registration
  • basic physical fitness

This course is perfect for establishing a foundation of knowledge in relaxation and balance best practices.

Final Exam

  • Online Exams (Subject and Final Exams)
  • Documented Practical Hours
Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion
The following certifications will be issued upon course completion (in German, English or Spanish):

Österreich Fahne "Relaxation Coach for Adults B-License"

Deutschland Fahne "Relaxation Coach for Adults B-License"

The course of study Relaxation Coach B-License is nationally recognized in Germany by the ZFU (Zul.-Nr.: 7344319), including the Basic Knowledge Module (Zul.-Nr.: 7324018c)

ZFU Siegel 7344319 ZFU Siegel Fachseminar
  • Nationally certified course
  • Modular structure featuring over 500 Full HD videos and written study materials
  • Educated and experienced team of instructors
  • Study flexibility, with up to 6 months plus optional additional (free) 6 months of support
  • Certificate recognized worldwide and does not expire
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  • Cost-effective upgrade prices (with up to 35% discount) for additional courses(View Upgrade Prices...)
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  • No additional exam fees or certificate costs
  • Individual course subjects can be easily upgraded to classroom days
  • Online Academy Account it available to you forever& a lot more!
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Course Structure

Fitness Fundamentals Module
(Anatomy, Physiology, Training Theory, Basic Nutrition and more)

Specialization Relaxation Coach B-License
(optional upgrades available for individual course subjects as classroom days)

Course Contents

(1) Anatomy; (2) Physiology; (3) Training Theory; (4) Relaxation Methods (5) Professional Topics and Law; (6) Sports Psychology; (7) Sports Medicine; (8) Progressive Muscle Relaxation; (9) Mental and Autogenic Training; (10) Corporate Wellness Programs;

for possiblie self-employment please read the information in our FAQ section or Course Catalog page 5.
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Stress levels down and success levels high.

Learn how to fight stress at its roots.
Many would describe stress as a plague of the 21st century. Stress can strike at any time and affects everyone at some point, but for certain people it has a truly debilitative effect or occurs all too often. Negative Stress can overwhelm you, weigh you down, make you hectic, nervous and agitated. A balance is no longer in place between tension and relaxation, activity and calm, excitement and recovery. Harmony between all of life"s ups and downs is lost. The professional support of a Relaxation Coach can help some struggling with stress regain their balance and reclaim harmony in their lives.
Letting stress reach damaging levels should be avoided. Exactly how that can be done is a skill that can be learned. This course covers strategies for reducing and avoiding stressful stimuli and helpful techniques to pump the brakes of life at the right time. The course will also educate you on the dangers of chronic stress.
The Relaxation Coach B-License gives participants the right techniques. After the course, you can teach your clients how to help themselves when the dangers of stress encroach on their lives and well-being. Close your eyes, breathe deep, turn down the volume on the outside world, maintain active awareness and start fresh without the stress!

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