Strength Training with Free Weights 1

Strength Training is primarily used in practice to increase muscle mass and increase maximal strength. It is the foundation of any sport and a crucial element of physical fitness.

Strength Training with Free Weights is especially widely used in bodybuilding and athletic training, as well as for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

Training with free weights differs from training with machines in its integration of the core and stabilizing musculature during every exercise.
It is therefore a more complete and functional way to train the musculature.

In this course subject, with its focus on practical application, participants learn the proper guidelines for dealthing with barbell, dumbbell and, to some extent, cable machine exercises. Several exercises are presented and are carried out by participants, with attention to proper form, common mistakes and useful coaching points. The proper joint-friendly technique is a crucial point in instruction in order to reduce risk of injury.

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