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What is an EMS trainer?

When training with EMS (electromyographic muscle stimulation) specific muscle groups are stimulated with small electrical impulses as they perform exercises while wearing a special EMS suit.

As an EMS Trainer you are responsible for regulating these small electrical impulses by controlling the frequency and strength with the EMS device. You are also responsible for demonstrating the exercises to the client and guiding them as they train. These exercises are largely bodyweight exercises such as squats and sit-ups.

How can I become an EMS trainer?

The first step to becoming an EMS Master Trainer is deciding between aClassroom Course or a One2One Individual Course. You can also contact us anytime per telephone, chat or in writing for guidance and advice.

After registering for a course you can begin with theOnline Basic Knowledge Module and if you have selected a classroom variant of the course, begin the 32 in-person course credits. After completing the final exam, you are capable of directing an efficient EMS full-body training session of about 15-20 minutes.

You will receive your certificate of completion online as well as in print (sent to you via post).

Our Online Demo Access is available for you to try for free for 2 weeks without obligation and you are able to take a look at our Basic Knowledge Module material. Once you have decided to take a course with us, you will have access to over 314 video lessons for your complete course.

Still not convinced? Our courses offer the best price-performance ratio with best-price guarantee and are can receive up to 100% funding from grant and financial aid providers.

How long does an EMS course take?

Since our courses are very flexible and work/study-friendly in their structure, you can decide how quickly you complete the course. In total the course consists of about 463 course units, which are broken down as follows:

32 CU | Classroom (Practical) Course Units (4 In-person Classroom Days on 2 weekends)
280 EU | E-Learning Units - Video Lessons (314 Full HD videos)
30 TU | Training Units (Practical Application with self-training)
25 RU | Research Units with written material
96 SU | Study Units (personal study time)

Depending on how easily or quickly you learn and what kind of previous knowledge in the subjects you already possess, you can take your exams sooner or later. The course can therefore take somewhere between 3 months and one year to finish.

Does one need an EMS education in order to offer EMS training?

The fitness branch is an "open trade" in most countries, which means that one does not necessarily need a qualifying certificate to legally work.
Theoretically you could offer EMS training without an education, when you are sure that you possess the necessary know-how to perform it safely and effectively.

You should consider, however, how often regular training is incorrectly performed, and that with EMS training another level of complexity is added, creating more room for error. Overtraining from this very intense form of full-body training can happen quickly and easily, and if contra-indicators such as a pacemaker or epilepsy are not taken into account, it can lead to serious threats or damage to someone"s health.

You should also ask yourself honestly, would you prefer to be administered a treatment involving electrical current from someone who has learned the important things to consider during such a procedure in an appropriate education, or from someone without the required knowledge?