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What does functional strength mean? What is functional training?

In functional training, to a large degree, the use of traditional strength training equipment is de-emphasized. A lot of training is carried out with bodyweight exercises, and the use of unstable surfaces often plays a role.

The use of functional training equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, etc. is common. Mobility, stability and speedare often the focus in functional training.

What can I do with the Functional Strength Master education?

After successfully completing your Functional Strength Master course you could work with sports clubs, for example, in injury prevention and athlete support in preparation for and during the season.

You can also offer Personal Training and Group Training with a focus on functional training methods. If you are more interested in working in a fitness studio or working with your clients in traditional strength training, our Fitness and Personal Trainer courses are a better option for you.

The Functional Strength Master course can also be a great knowledge base for you to work with individual athletes to assist them in achieving even better performance from their strength training.