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What is One2One individual instruction?

One2One individual instruction means that you will complete the course with the guidance of an instructor of your choosing in individual lessons for each subject. You are able to receive individual attention and support for the entirety of your education.

For whom is individual instruction best suited?

Individual instruction is great for those with a demanding career or work life who have a tight schedule and do not have the option to attend regular classroom dates. In addition, if you are a communicative and motor learning type, then individual instruction with its flexible appointment and location possiblities and opportunity to engage in direct communication with an instructor is a great course modality for you.

How can I register for One2One individual instruction?

Find a One2One course that suits your needs and simply book online on our website!

In your Flexyfit Online Campus select for every individual module of your booked course your desired instructor and make an appointment.

Where does instruction take place?

You can choose your course location. This means that One2One instruction is available just about anywhere. Many of our instructors have several provinces (Austria) covered!

To get a first impression, have a look here to see the locations available. When you select a specific location, the instructors available in that area will be shown.

When does the instruction being and how does one get started with a One2One course?

As soon as you have booked your One2One course you can begin studying.

In your Flexyfit Online Campus you can select an instructor for each individual module of the course. Each instructor will contact you directly and you can agree on a time and place for your appointment(s).

Why do I need the code provided after booking an appointment?

The code is necessary to confirm that your One2One appointment has taken place. For this reason, please bring your code along to the lesson and give it to your instructor at the end of the meeting.

How long does a course take?

The duration depends on the type of course and the rate that you complete your exams. Since you can book your appointments on an individual basis according to your needs, you are ultimately in control of how quickly you complete your exams. Our prescribed amount of time is within one year after you final in-person course unit.

With a personal schedule you have the advantage that your course duration can be substantially shorter than a standard group classroom version of the course might be. In the end, the duration of your course is in your hands.

How is the course structured in One2One?

All of our courses contain the theory module with fitness and exercise Basic Knowledge consisting of anatomy, training theory, physiology, etc. These lessons can be completed from the comfort of home with the video lessons, texts and presentations on your Flexyfit Online Campus.

Your selected course module will then continue with Individual Lessons. Completion of the subject exams from the Basic Knowledge Module is a prerequisite for registering for your practical exams.

Where does my final practical exam take place?

After attending all of your individual appoints and successfully completing your theory exams you can use your Online Campus to schedule a practical exam date with the instructor of your choice. At the date and time you have agreed upon, you will take your practical (oral) exam at the location you have selected with your chosen instructor.