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When can someone become a yoga instructor?

The short answer is: anytime! Our flexible Online Yoga Instructor Course begins right away after your registration and can be completed according to your own initiative. Depending on how quickly you learn and how much time you dedicate to your course, the course duration will take up to 6 months maximum, and an additional support period can be added if necessary.

The course consists of two modules, the Basic Knowledge Module covering several subjects that deal with the basics of fitness and exercise, followed by the specialization module for yoga instructor. In both modules you can study with our high-definition video lessons as well as our presentation notes and texts. You will also be responsible for assignments that you can complete at home. After successfully completing your final exam, you will receive your certificate from us and can get started in your career as a yoga instructor!

What can a holder of the Yoga Instructor B-License do?

With our Yoga Instructor B-License you can build on your fitness trainer education or work primarily as a yoga instructor. In either case you can decide to work independently as a self-employed trainer, perhaps with the goal of having your own studio, or you could seek a position as an employee at any number of businesses.

Whether in a downtown yoga studio, at various yoga retreats, in a spa on the countryside, on a cruise ship or as a private instructor who specializes in home visits, as an instructor for yoga courses in schools, the possibilities today are almost inexhaustable for a qualified yoga instructor.

Which yoga certifications are recognized internationally?

An officially recognized yoga instructor education or certification is not defined nationally or internationally. Yoga instruction or education is not regulated by the European Union, Germany or Austria. With respect to this fact, the various yoga courses and certificates are on equal terms internationally.

Our certificates are recognized worldwide and never expire.

We stand out from other yoga courses in our focus on quality. Our certified academy places great value on customer satisfaction and first-rate instruction.

How can I become a yoga instructor?

The course consists of two modules, the Basic Knowledge Module covering fundamental fitness and exercise subjects , followed by the module specializing in yoga instruction. In both modules you can study with our high-definition video lessons as well as the lesson presentations and texts. You will also receive assignments that can be completed at home. After successfully completing your final exam you will receive your certificate from us and can get started in your new career as a yoga instructor!

Where can I become a yoga instructor? Where can I get a yoga instructor license?

Of course there are many possibilities for finding an education in yoga instruction. Here at Flexyfit Sports Academy you have several great advantages that other institutions simply do not offer. Our yoga instructor course is a distance learning (online) course, which means you can study with maximum flexibilitywhen and where you want to, you you decide how long the course takes. This means our course is great for individuals with a career or other obligations, who need their education to fit their busy schedules.

You can access our Online Platform with a Free Trial for 2 weeks with no obligation to buy and have a look at our Basic Knowledge Module. Once you have decided to start your course with us, you will have access to over 390 video lessons .

We are happy to talk to you per telephone, online chat or in person, in order to Support you in any way we can. If you would prefer to study with in-person classroom sessions, this is also possible for portions of this course! You can simply upgrade these units to in-person classroom units.

Still uncertain? Our courses offers the best price-performance ratio with a best-price guarantee and are eligible for up to 100% funding from financial aid institutions.

How much does a yoga instructor course cost?

This really depends on what type of yoga instructor course you choose. Our Yoga Instructor B-License starts at €588. The more extensive Relaxation Coach A-License Course, which contains the entire courses for Yoga Instructor and Pilates Instructor is a great comprehensive education at €1.390.
Hidden costs such as exam fees or similar are something you do not have to worry about with us! All of our courses and the completely transparent course fees are available here: COURSE CATALOG

Where can I work as a yoga instructor or teacher?

As a certified Yoga Instructor there are really so many options open to you - the possibilities are nearly inexhaustible.

If you are employed in a yoga studio then you have a structured workday or weekly plan. If you prefer to have more flexibility in your work life, then working free-lance or self-employed is an option, where you can provide private instruction in the form of home visits or in your own studio or facility.

In Yoga Retreats or countryside spas there is a great atmosphere and working environment, since the clients have been looking forward to their stay for a longer time and are prepared to really take in the experience, in contrast to single hour or 1.5 hour sessions sqeezed into their busy daily schedules. Sometimes this requires you to live nearer to the facility during the event, so often wellness and spa establishments include your room and board in their salary packages.

An adventurous option for a yoga instructor is being employed by a cruise company, meaning as you work you get to travel and visit new and interesting places around the world.

In progressive schools and kindergartens there has been recent interest in bringing yoga courses to our youngest populations, so if you have an affinity for working with children, this can be a great option or addition to your career as a yoga instructor.

What do yoga instructors or teachers earn per hour?

On average, employed yoga instructors earn about €20 per hour, in which case one should keep in mind that in most cases working more than 27 hours per week is not manageable. This comes down to about three 90-minute sessions per day, 6 days per week. More weekly sessions are not really feasible in the long term. With regard to these points, an average salary for a yoga instructor is around €2,340 gross per month.

If you choose to work independently, freelance or as self-employed, then you can set your own rates of course. For a group course you could, for example, charge €15 per person, coming to €225 for a session. For a private lesson you can count on about €60 per hour. You must take into account when considering working on a self-employed basis, that you will have overhead for course rooms or facilities, as well as take over any administrative responsibilities.