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Nutrition Coach B-License

Online Nutrition Coach B-License!

A healthy, balanced diet is important to you? You want to motivate others to do the same and support them with the relevant know-how

In our online course Nutrition Coach B-License you will gain a comprehensive overview of healthy nutrition.

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Course Contents

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Starten Sie jetzt Ihre Karriere als Ernährungstrainer!

Krankheiten infolge schlechter Ernährungsgewohnheiten sind weiterhin am Steigen. Crash-Diäten und einseitige Ernährungsweisen schaffen dabei nur kurzfristig Abhilfe. In der Ausbildung zum Ernährungstrainer B-Lizenz ist es deshalb unser oberstes Ziel ernährungsspezifisches Grundlagenwissen zu vermitteln und diverse Ernährungstrends kritisch zu hinterfragen.

Wir möchten Sie in Sachen gesunder Ernährung auf den neuesten Stand bringen und Ihnen Kompetenzen an die Hand geben, mit denen Sie Ihre Kunden optimal betreuen können.

Was erwartet Sie in unserer Ausbildung?

Im Rahmen des Grundmoduls werden zunächst anatomische und ernährungsphysiologische Inhalte vermittelt. Darauf aufbauend wird spezifischer auf die Grundlagen der Ernährung und deren Vermittlung in der Praxis eingegangen. Zudem stehen verschiedene Ernährungsformen, Diäten, und die spezielle Sporternährung im Fokus.

Ob Sie den Online-Lehrgang Ernährungstrainer B-Lizenz dazu nützen möchten, Ihre eigene Lebensweise und Ernährung zu verbessern, oder ob Sie mit der Online Trainer Lizenz die Basis für den nächsten Schritt, die Dipl. Ernährungstrainer nützen möchten - bei uns sind Sie richtig.

Einen genaueren Einblick in die Ausbildungsinhalte finden Sie unter Detaillierte Lerninhalte.

Sie haben konkrete Fragen zur Ausbildung?

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen per Kontakt telefonisch, via E-Mail oder im Chat weiterhelfen zu können. Vielleicht finden Sie die Antwort auf Ihre Frage aber in unseren allgemeinen FAQ oder Ernährungstrainer FAQ.

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Individual Timeframe
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Support via E-mail, telephone and WhatsApp
Course Text
All modules available immediately
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Certificate Available German, English, Spanish
Coupon for up to 35% off (on additional upgrades)
High-quality Printed Certificate
Certificate Postal Delivery
NADA Anti-Doping Module
Exam fees included
4K HD Videos
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In this course you will...

  • Develop an understanding of the foundations of dietetics and food science
  • Learn how to provide clients with nutritional recommendations and proper guidance
  • Build up your basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology as it relates to nutrition
  • How one can optimize their diet for better strength or endurance athletic performance

126 Videos!

in 4K HD

One of the videos from the course

Prerequisite Requirements 

  • Written or online registration
  • Interest in nutrition and related topics
Final Exam

  • Online Exams (Individual Subjects and Final Exam)
Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion
The following certificate will be awarded (available in EN, GER, ES):

Österreich Fahne "Nutrition Coach B-License"

Deutschland Fahne "Nutrition Coach B-License"

The course Nutrition Coach B-License has been certified by the ZFU (Zul.-Nr.: 7343919), including the Fitness Fundamentals Module (Zul.-Nr.: 7324018c)

ZFU Siegel 7343919 ZFU Siegel Fachseminar
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Course Structure

Fitness Fundamentals Subjects
(Anatomy, Physiology, Training Theory, Basic Nutrition and more)

Specialization Nutrition Coach B-License
(with the option to upgrade individual course units to in-person classroom sessions)

Course Contents

(1) Anatomy; (2) Physiology; (3) Training Theory; (4) Forms of Diet; (5) Professional Topics & Law; (6) Sports Psychology; (7) Sports Medicine; (8) Physiological Aspects of Nutrition; (9) Sports Nutrition; (10) Corporate Wellness Programs; (11) Nutrition Recommendations and Support; and more

TÜV EN ISO 9001 ZFU Siegel 7343919

This online course is nationally certified (Certification Number 7343919) by the ZFU (GER | Central Office for Distance Learning

If you are interested in self-employment, please see our FAQ Section or page 5 in our Course Catalogue.

Österreich Fahne
Nutritional training is permitted when it does not incur on the tasks of so-called nutrition counselling as defined in (§ 119 Paragraph 1 of Austrian Commercial Code). In cases of self-employment please read the information provided on page 5.

Deutschland Fahne
You can support most individuals in making changes to their diet and advising them in nutritional topics, as long as the individual does not have an illness or medical condition. Preventative courses whose fees may be reimbursed by health insurance companies may only be offered by those with an additional qualification (university degree).
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A great course for nutrition-conscious individuals

Our lives are strongly influenced and shaped by our diet and nutrition choices . Not only in the obvious sense of satisfying our hunger and taking care of our body's needs for energy and nutrients, but also in terms of social, socio-economic and cultural aspects. How, what, when and how much we eat - these can all be seen as expressions of social relationships and interpersonal communication. Eating together creates friendships and a sense of community and intimacy, and food also plays a role in expression of status, power, hierarchy and exclusion.
The Nutrition Coach B-License online course will encourage a conscientious approach to your diet. On the menu for your education is a comprehensive basis in nutrition. This course is a great option for individuals who are very diet- and nutrition-conscious and would like a strong foundation in nutritional topics.

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