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You want to belong to some of the best personal trainers and fitness coaches and master the necessary knowledge for expertise? Then you can start with the right education!

This is our most comprehensive course in the area of fitness and personal training education . In addition to the contents of the included courses of study Fitness Trainer and Health & Fitness Personal Trainer , this course deepens your knowledge of the information and adds movement analysis, additional outdoor training concepts, relaxation and regeneration techniques and much more.

Well then, what are you waiting for?

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Experte im Personal Training

Wie der Name Professional Health Fitness & Personaltrainer schon verrät, zielt die Personal Trainer Ausbildung auf die professionelle Betreuung Ihrer Kunden und Kundinnen ab. Sie baut auf dem Health Fitness und Personaltrainer auf und bietet weitere, umfangreiche Inhalte. Sie sind in der Lage, bereits sehr fortgeschrittene SportlerInnen weiter zu betreuen, abwechslungsreiche Inhalte in ihren Personal Trainings anzubieten, Outdoor Gruppentrainings anzuleiten und vieles mehr. Somit werden Ihnen viele neue Kundenkreise eröffnet!

Was erwartet Sie in unserer Ausbildung?

Zusätzlich zu den Inhalten der vorherigen beiden Lehrgänge Diplom Fitnesstrainer und Health Fitness - und Personaltrainer erlangen Sie in dieser Weiterbildng einen tiefen Einblick in der Bewegungsanalyse und dem Personal Coaching und erfahren speziellen Athletik-Trainingsmethoden wie das plyometrische Training. Des Weiteren setzen sich mit der Gestaltung und Durchführung von Outdoortrainingseinheiten auseinander und beschäftigen sich mit der Thematik Entspannungs- und Regenerationsmethoden.

Sie haben konkrete Fragen zur Ausbildung?

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen per Kontakt telefonisch, via E-Mail oder im Chat weiterhelfen zu können. Vielleicht finden Sie die Antwort auf Ihre Frage aber in unseren allgemeinen FAQ oder Health Fitness & Personal Trainer FAQ.

pictures/Mini-Icons/Zeugnis.svgCERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION

The following certificate will be awarded (available in English, German or Spanish):

Österreich Fahne "Professional Health & Fitness Personal Trainer A-License"

Deutschland Fahne "Professional Health & Fitness Personal Trainer A-License"

The Fitness Fundamentals Module (Cert. No.: 7324018c) is certified by the German Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU). Certified institution by TÜV Austria.

ZFU Siegel Fachseminar  Logo TÜV zertifizierte Lehrgänge


  • Nationally certified institution
  • Fitness Fundamentals Module certified by the German Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU)
  • Modular structure featuring over over 500 Full HD videos and written study materials
  • The course can be completed as "Blended Learning" (Study the Fitness Fundamentals Module online | Attend classroom days for Specialization Module units )
  • Academic and experienced Team of Instructors
  • Certificate recognized worldwide and does not expire
  • Cost-effective Upgrade Options for additional courses at up to 35% discount
  • Exceptional quality of education
  • Participant/student support with online account, chat, telephone, WhatsApp and in our Academy locations
  • No additional exam fees or certificate costs
  • Individual course units can be upgraded simply and flexibly to classroom days
  • In-person classroom days totaling 8 CUs (8 hours in the classroom!)
  • Online Academy Account accessible forever and much more

Flexyfit Sports Academy is valued for its high quality of education. This not only includes the careful selection of the best instructors. Our course content is always updated and relevant and incorporate the most up-to-date trends and research from the field.

We take pride in our strong academic staff, who come from sports science, physical education, physiotherapy, sports psychology and dietician backgrounds, and are here to provide competence in the necessary know-how and support you with numerous useful professional tips from their years of experience.


Participation Requirements

  • Written registration
  • Physical fitness exam recommended

Final Exam

  • 80% course attendance
  • written theory exams
  • practical (oral) final exam
  • 90 documented practical hours

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The majority of our courses are suited to Educational Leave programs. Plan your Educational Leave with us!Contact us today for a personal, obligation-free consultation to discuss your individual needs & wishes for a great education.

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Flexyfit offers the most comprehensive package at the best price. Take the time to compare us to other offers and you will soon discover: we have put together the best offer for you! ;)

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  • Individual Timeframe
  • Free Demo
  • Support via E-mail, telephone and WhatsApp
  • Course Text
  • All modules available immediately
  • Bonus Module
  • Certificate Available German, English, Spanish
  • Coupon for up to 35% off (on additional upgrades)
  • High-quality Printed Certificate
  • Certificate Postal Delivery
  • NADA Anti-Doping Module
  • Exam fees included
  • 4K HD Videos
  • Career Coaching
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Flexyfit Academy
Individual Timeframe
Free Demo
Support via E-mail, telephone and WhatsApp
Course Text
All modules available immediately
Bonus Module
Certificate Available German, English, Spanish
Coupon for up to 35% off (on additional upgrades)
High-quality Printed Certificate
Certificate Postal Delivery
NADA Anti-Doping Module
Exam fees included
4K HD Videos
Career Coaching
Absolute Best Price
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/pictures/Mini-Icons/Lerninhalte.svgCOURSE PLAN & CONTENTS
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Language of Instruction

Please be aware, not every course is available in all languages. If you cannot find the course you want in your language, we are happy to talk to you about available alternatives. Contact

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Your investment for One-time Paymentvalue-added tax-free (§ 6 Abs 1 Z 27 UStG )
Präsenz Blended Learning € 3390 ,-
One2One Individualunterricht € 4490 ,-
Termin Buchen
Sportkompetenz (SPK)onlineonline
FachmodulPräsenzkurs GruppeIndividualunterricht
Sportkompetenz Full HD LernVideos314314
Fachmodul Full HD LernVideos Fitnesstraineraufbuchbar115
Fachmodul Full HD Lernvideos Health FPTaufbuchbar81
Enthaltener LehrgangHealth PTHealth PT
Lerntyp | Lernmethode
auditiver & visueller Lerntypgut geeignetgeeignet
kommunikativer & motorischer Lerntypgut geeignetempfohlen
Lernzeitflexibel + Termineindividual
Lernunterstützung (# all-inclusive)
Skripten & Unterlagen als PDF
Vorlesungen als Praxistage aufbuchbar
Support via Onlinecampus, eMail, Chat, Tel.
WhatsApp & vor Ort Support
NADA Austria
Höhentraining - Prof. DDDr. Weineck
SPK Zwischenprüfung Online
Abschlussprüfungflexibler Terminindividual
Zertifikat auf DE, EN, SP
Zertifikat weltweit & zeitlich unbegrenzt gültig
Academykonto (# all-inclusive)
Onlinecampus lebenslang Verfügbar
Gratis Demokonto / Schnupper-Paket
Urkundenkopien als PDF downloadbar
Urkunden mit Echtheitsprüfung (QR-Code)
Fördermöglichkeitenbis zu 100%bis zu 100%
Bildungskarenz (AT)
Förderung f. Firmen
Förderung f. Selbständige
Kostenvoranschlag f. Förderstelle
umfangreiche Weiterbildungesangebote
Absoluter Bestpreis & Leistungsangebot
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