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Legal Notice

Differentiation from professions which require specific education in Austria

The educational goal of our courses is to inform and educate trainers in the areas of fitness, wellness, health and prevention. The contents of the individual courses place a focus on practical learning and deeping of knowledge through practical application.

Notice: The practice of training therapy is reserved for physical therapists, training therapists and medical assistants according to law (§2 MTD-Gesetz, BGBl. Nr. 460/1992 and §§27ff. Medizinische Assistenzberufe-Gesetz (MABG), BGBl. Nr, 89/2012) who perform training under doctor"s written recommendation. Training therapists practice their trade profession under the supervision of a medical doctor or physical therapist.

The practice of nutritional guidance (§ 119 Abs 1 GewO) is reserved for trade professionals who have successfully completed an education in nutritional science from a state university or an education as a dietary assistant.

Consultation in sports science is reserved for trade professionals who have successfully completed a course of study in sports science at a state university or completed a diploma in a trainer education course at a national sports academy.

These trade professional qualifications are regulated and established via trade/industry organizations. In addition to the aforementioned trade titles, a title for "individual competency" (§ 19 GewO) can be used.

Legal groundwork for self-employment in Austria

The distribution of information in the form of educational instruction (e.g. in the context of lectures, workshops, seminars, etc.) is exempt from the Trade Regulation Act (according to § 2 GewO ). This means that no trade license or similar entitlement is required.

The free trade Creation of Training Plans for Health-conscious Individuals can be applied for at any time at the appropriate Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO). This trade includes the selection and creation of training programs with consideration of the customer"s physical needs and fitness, the instruction in the proper use of training equipment, as well as the planning and development of courses in fitness, aerobic and gymnastics. In general, a free trade license can be registered without proof of a relevant professional training or specialist education.
See WKO Austria

The title DIPLOMA in Germany vs Austria

In Germany, an academic diploma (and the accompanying title) can only be granted by universities or other similar state-sanctioned institutions of higher education (Section 18 of the Higher Education Framework Act).

Use of the diploma or the title "Dipl." and similar terms that can be mistaken for professional titles, but which are not granted by an appropriate institution, is not permitted.

The issue or use of  diploma or similar titles by an institution or individual not qualified to do so is punishable by law and may result in a fine (according to Section 132a Para. 2 StGB).

In Austria the term diploma presupposes an education that meets certain (undefined) standards. In principle, the term can therefore be used freely if appropriate training has been completed. It is not solely reserved for higher education such as university.

In Germany our courses in fitness, health and exercise are issued with license titles of varying degrees. We offer A, B and C Licenses (certificates). In any instance where DIPLOMA is used for the certificate in Austria, the term "A License" is used in Germany and elsewhere.

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