Flexyfit Sports Academy

We would like to introduce the Flexyfit Sports Academy Team! We are hard at work, applying our passion and skills so we can offer you the best possible products.
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  • Melanie Brandstätter, Bakk.
    Melanie Brandstätter, Bakk. Leiterin der Flexyfit Sports
  • Daniel Bischof, Bsc.
    Daniel Bischof, Bsc. Referent,
  • Thomas Freissler
    Thomas Freissler EDV-Leitung |
  • Andreas Fuchs
    Andreas Fuchs GF Flexyfit Plus
  • Sarah Bachkönig, MSc
    Sarah Bachkönig, MSc Referentin,
  • M. Golakiya
    M. Golakiya Webdesign &
  • Patrick Geieregger
    Patrick Geieregger Standortbetreuung Graz &
  • Alain Kohl
    Alain Kohl Standortbetreuung Innsbruck &
  • Dr. Mag. Hubert Sagmeister
    Dr. Mag. Hubert Sagmeister Qualitätsmanagement / Externe
  • Marie-Louise Stjernfild
    Marie-Louise Stjernfild Standortbetreuung /
  • Olivera N.
    Olivera N. Reinigungskraft Wien

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