Strength Training: Spine & Shoulder Girdle

Back pain and shoulder pain are among the most common problems for practitioners of strength training. In order to make an effort to combat these issues, a personal trainer has to understand potential causes that can lead to these problems.

A precise diagnosis can only be provided by a medical professional, obviously. In that case, it is certainly important that the personal trainer understand any such diagnoses and develop an optimal strength training programthat is appropriate for any previous condition or injury, or for the explicit purpose of preventing or avoiding problems for which the client is predisposed.

  • The infamous Shoulder Impingement Syndrome is a main topic. How can it be avoided and prevented, and what can be done when the symptoms are already being felt?
  • Does a client experience lower back pain? What are the absolute "no-gos" when training with back or spine conditions?
  • A rounding of the back and weak core can develop after years of poor posture - How can we train the upper back and strengthen the shoulder girdle in such instances, so we can work to correct the problem?

Theoretical content will revisit anatomy with these issues in mind and practical content will include exercises for practical application of knowledge. It will be carried out in two sessions.