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What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning means that a portion of the course is carried out completely online, with digital media and online exames, and a portion of the course takes place as in-person or classroom units. The theory subjects from our Basic Knowledge Module can be completed as online (distance) learning using our video lessons from home.

After registering for one of our courses you will receive access data for the Online Academy Account, and you can begin viewing the online lessons right away. Blended Learning is ideal for those with busy schedules and active professional lives.

What is the difference between a "Diploma" and an "A-License" course?

Flexyfit uses two terms for the highest level of various courses in German-speaking countries, and the difference between "Diploma/Diplom" and "A-License/Lizenz" lies only in the name. In Germany the term "Diplom" (diploma) is protected terminology that can only be used by certain educational institutions ("Hochschule") For this reason, we use the term "A-License", a much more widespread term. In Austria, the term "Diplom" (diploma) can be used when an appropriate education is undergone, however.

Regardless of the "Diploma Conundrum", our courses build on each other, such that a C-License is very preliminary and introductory, a B-License is more in-depth and an A-License represents a the highest, most comprehensive level of the specific course. Whether your certificate of completion for a course has printed A-License or Diploma will depend on the country in which you are located and your chosen language.

What is the difference between A-License and B-License?

The A-License is an expanded, more comprehensive version of a B-License course.

We recommend the course as a B-Licensemainly for those who wish to use their education to optimize their own training, or as a way to gain a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle with a focus on fitness. The A-License courses are great for starting a career in a specific area of fitness.

In the Fitness Trainer B-License course, for example, you have the option to complete the course completely online from home.

How do the courses work?

All of our courses comprise the following 8 Steps:
  1. Registration for your desired course
  2. After registering, you receive your log-in information for your online Academy Account
  3. The course start, based on your course modality or variant, can be immediate or on a specific date
  4. Course materials, information and the online video lessons are available for you to begin studying in your online Academy Account
  5. Study phase, depending on your course modality or variant via classroom sessions or e-Learning
  6. Completion of the theory exams in each subject: You decide when you are ready to take your exams. Completion of your practical/oral exams: after your theory exams are successfully passed, you can register for your practical (oral) final exam(s). You decide when you are ready. Regular exam dates take place at the exam locations.
  7. How your knowledge is tested: multiple choice subject exams and final exams
  8. After successfully completing your exams, you will receive your certificate

Gibt es Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an den Lehrgängen?

Bei uns gibt es prinzipiell keine Voraussetzungen, um an Lehrgängen oder Workshops teilzunehmen.

Matura oder andere Abschlüsse sind nicht notwendig. Sie brauchen auch keine Vorkenntnisse, da wir mit unserem Basismodul Sportkompetenz das Grundwissen festigen und sie damit auf ihr jeweiliges Fachmodul gut vorbereiten.

Wir empfehlen allerdings für unsere Ausbildungen eine Sporttauglichkeitsprüfung zu machen, damit Sie ohne Bedenken alle Übungen mitmachen können.

Außerdem empfehlen wir, dass Teilnehmer mindestens ein Deutsch-Sprachniveau von B2 haben, da die Ausbildungen sich aufgrund ihrer fachlichen Spezialisierungen sonst als zu komplex erweisen könnten.

Sollten Sie das 18. Lebensjahr noch nicht vollendet haben, brauchen Sie außerdem eine Einverständniserklärung eines Erziehungsberechtigten.

What study materials will I receive?

When you register for a course you will receive access information for your Online Academy Account, where all of your course materials can be found. That is where you will find Course Texts & Presentations that are used in the lessons, as well as the super helpful visual study material, our Online Video Lessons.

You are welcome to try out our Demo Access, the Free Trial of our online learning platform, in order to have a look at our course contents and material: FREE TRIAL

When do the courses take place?

Because we offer such a wide array of courses, we have developed a Course Configuration Tool for you. This app can help you create the optimal course with the right course modality, course schedule and course location for you.

Get started here: Course Configuration Tool

If I have already completed a course with Flexyfit and would like to start another, will I save on the cost of the new course?

If you have already completed a course with us and are interested in another, then the Basic Knowledge Module will be subtracted from the cost of your new course. Obviously, you do not have to complete the subjects from the Basic Knowledge Module again once you have already done so in your previous course, and your new course will be at a reduced cost!

You can find more information about our Upgrades here: UPGRADES

What happens if I am sick and have to miss a classroom unit?

If you happen to get sick at the time of one of your course classroom days, a one-time make-up day at no charge is available to you.

Please provide us with a doctor"s note (sick note), and we will enable a function on your online Academy Account so you can independently book a replacement session at no charge.

Does the content of a fitness education differ depending on the institution?

It can be somewhat difficult to compare educational institutions in the areas of fitness, health and exercise, since they have the freedom to decide what the content of their courses is and where they put the focus in their education, as well as what they call their certificatons.
One option is to compare the course units and the contents of the various subjects. If you need help, we are happy to consult with you at any time!