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What does a Relaxation Coach do?

A Relaxation Coach guides their clients with strategies and techniques for reducing and managing stress and shows them how they can help themselves in stressful situations. The use of breathing techniques, exercises for stress reduction, stretching and muscle relaxation is common. Mental training is also an important facet of stress management, so methods such as autogenic training, visualization and goal-setting training are important elements of a relaxation coach education.

How can I become a Relaxation Coach?

The first step to becoming a Nutrition Coach is deciding whether you prefer a Classroom course, flexible Blended Learning course or One2One course with individual lessons. We are available via telephone, chat and in-person for a consultation to help you with any questions about our different course modalities.

As soon as you have registered for a course you will have access to the completely online Basic Knowledge Module, and you can begin studying. Depending on the type of course you have chosen, the modules for your Relaxation Coach are either online with over 350 high-definition video lessons or 56 in-person classroom units. After successfully passing exams and completing the course, your are ready to help people deal with stressful situations in the best possible way . You will receive a digital copy and a high-quality printed version of your certificate.

Where can a Relaxation Coach work?

As a Relaxation Coach you can strive to be self-employed and run your own facility where you work with individual clients as their guide for relaxation techniques and stress management.

If you enjoy working with groups, you can also offer courses and workshops or teach at a specific institution or company. Even schools and kindergartens take advantage of instructors to work with staff and students to learn techniques such as autogenic training.

The possibilities are quite diverse and can be flexibly combined to suit your strengths and professional goals.

What does a Relaxation Coach earn?

Depending on whether a Relaxation Coach is employed with a certain company or self-employed, there can be broad spectrum of salary possbilities.

When working as an in-house Relaxation Coach for a larger company, monthly salary can be around €2800, but when working for a mid-size company at the beginning of your career, a monthly salary of around €1500 is normal.

When working independently as a self-employed Relaxation Coach one can strive for higher salaries, and around €3000 monthly is achievable with a strong client-base. In this case, however, one"s own space is required, and bookkeeping and management of the business must be factored into your responsibilities.