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What is a Nutrition Coach allowed to do in Austria?


A Nutrition Coach is allowed to provide clients with nutrition or diet recommendations, tips, suggestions or guidance. The clients must be physically fit and healthy and seek guidance for goals such as, for example, establishing a more balanced diet, or would like to change their nutrition habits to support weight loss or muscle building.

In contrast to a nutritionist (also called dietician), a nutrition coach (or dietary adviser or consultant) may not advise individuals with physical conditions and illnesses, such as food allergies or digestive tract conditions.

In the context of self-employment, writing nutrition plans or diet plans is not permitted for nutrition coaches. The distribution or sharing of information in the context of an educational event (e.g. seminars, workshops, lectures, etc.) does not require a trade permit according to § 2 GewO , meaning this is within the potential scope of a nutrition coach. Nutrition or dietary training is allowed, as long as it does not infringe upon the area of nutrition counseling (§ 119 Abs.1 GewO).

What is a Nutrition Coach allowed to do in Germany?


In Germany the terms Nutrition Coach and Dietary Adviser (Ernährungstrainer und Ernährungsberater) mean the same thing, but a distinction is made from the medical profession Dietary Assistant. In Germany, your course as a Nutrition Coach allows you to support and guide healthy individuals in changing their approach to diet and nutrition, or to consult individuals who wish to improve their nutrition habits.

Where can a Nutrition Coach work?

As a Nutrition Coach you could become self-employed and provide direct guidance in the area of diet to your clients, or you could also offer various lectures, workshops or seminars and work with groups.

You could also seek employment at a variety of establishments, such as Fitness and Wellness Hotels , where you serve as a consultant for all things related to health and balanced diet.