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Who can become a fitness trainer?

Anyone can become a Fitness Trainer, no matter their experience level or knowledge. Whether you have a current profession and are considering a new path, or you are a student looking for a flexible part-time job, or if you love fitness or your sport and are interested in optimizing your own training, a fitness trainer education can be the perfect solution.

What is truly important is that you have a passion for fitness, exercise or your sport that you embody, and that you wish to inspire others to do something good for their own health!

How long does a fitness trainer course take?

The duration of a course varies depending on the type of course and how quickly you complete the exams. Since the Professional Health & Fitness Personal Trainer already contains the less comprehensive courses Fitness & Health Personal Trainer and Fitness & Personal Trainer, the in-person classroom or practical phase lasts somewhat longer. These classroom units are completed in a few months nonetheless, and then it is up to you how quickly you complete the exams.

Our predetermined timeframe is one year after you last classroom session. In the end, the duration of your education is in your hands.

How much does a fitness trainer education cost?

This really depends on which course you decide to take. The Fitness Trainer B-License starts at €588, while the most comprehensive course for Professional Health & Fitness Personal Trainer costs €3.490. There are many course modalities and options in between that fall under the category Fitness and Personal Trainer.

The courses that run along this spectrum offer different course modalities, and one option, for example, is to complete a portion of the course purely online with Blended Learning, allowing you to study from home and save €200.

Still not sure? Our courses offer the best price-performance ratio with best-price guarantee and can receive up to 100% funding from grant and financial aid institutions.

Hidden costs such as exam fees or similar are not to be found with us! All of our courses and their costs are available here: COURSE CATALOG

What does the fitness trainer course cover?

All of our courses are build upon the same foundation, our Fitness Fundamentals Module containing subjects such as anatomy, physiology, training theory, sports pyschology and more. After completing the Fitness Fundamentals subject exams (online, multiple choice), you are able to register for your practical (oral) final exam(s).

The Fitness Trainer courses are structured in a modular fashion. The most comprehensive of these is our Professional Health & Fitness Personal Trainer, which builds on and contains the other courses, Fitness Trainer and Health & Fitness Personal Trainer.

What are the benefits of the Fitness Trainer A-License?

The Fitness Trainer A-License is an expanded version of the B-License course. It provides you with more specialized knowledge and content, which will give you a broader range of possibilities in employment and in terms of what you can offer clients. As a more specialized trainer you are more interesting to potential fitness studio employers, as well as rehabilitation centers and health facilities.

Of particular interest in this version of the course is, for example, the content covering the creation of professional training plans or preventative and rehabilitative training interventions.

Was macht ein Fitnesstrainer?

Die Aufgabenbereiche eines Fitnesstrainers sind vielfältig und richten sich unter anderem danach, wo und in welchem Dienstverhältnis angestellt oder selbstständig - sie arbeiten.

Bei beidem steht natürlich Fitness im Fokus. Als Mitarbeiter in einem Fitnessstudio könnten Ihnen auch administrative Tätigkeiten in der Verwaltung oder die Einweisung neuer Fitnessstudio-Mitglieder zufallen.

Als Personal Trainer überprüfen Sie das Fitnessniveau Ihrer Kunden und stecken Ziele ab, erstellen Trainingspläne für sie und erklären Kraft- und Ausdauergeräte und Fitnessübungen. Im Anschluss begleiten Sie ihre Kunden auf Ihrem Weg, motivieren Sie und sorgen dafür, dass Ziele erreicht werden.

Schlagen Sie den Weg als Group-Fitnesstrainer ein, leiten Sie Gruppenkurse für Sportarten, wie zum Beispiel Pilates, Yoga oder Aerobic, an. Hierfür empfiehlt es sich, eine Zusatzausbildung zur Vertiefung zu belegen.

Where can a fitness trainer work?

Fitness trainers often work in fitness studios or gyms as regular part- or full-time employees or as freelance instructors. Some other great options where fitness trainers can add to the services offered are wellness establishments such as hotels or health centers, or sports clubs.

Striving toward being self-employed personal trainer is a popular option, which often involves working in many locations. In addition to renting private spaces, one can also consider outdoor training or home visits. In many fitness studios, there is the option to trade your services for rental space or fees.

Having one's own fitness studio has become quite the challenge due to such strong competition. For this reason, many trainers prefer to seek out options within corporate wellness programs or fitness development, where they can, for example, assist with and consult for the creation of fitness studios and spaces or sports halls or centers.

What do fitness trainers earn?

As a fitness trainer employed by a studio or gym one can estimate a starting salary of between €18.600 and €21.900 yearly. With a few years experience, your salary could increase to around €23.200 to €25.000 yearly.

Self-employment salary can vary greatly depending on your number of regular customers and how you devise your rate scheme. One has to consider any space rental or other overhead costs, unless you conduct mainly home visits or outdoor training.