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What is a Vitality & Health Specialist?

Vitality & Health Specialists are trainers or coaches that combine know-how from the areas of relaxation training, back health training and nutrition in order to provide comprehensive and holistic support and training for their clients.

What do Vitality & Health trainers or coaches do?

Vitality & Health Specialists coach their customers in the areas of back health, stress management and prevention, and balanced nutrition.

Whether your clients struggle with back pain, would like to optimize their diet with a nutrition coach or they find themselves overwhelmed with workplace stress - as a Vitality & Health trainer you can coach, support and train your clients in a variety of areas for a holistic approach to their health.

Where can I work as a Vitality & Health trainer or coach?

Many wellness facilities and similar establishments employ fitness trainers or health specialists to support and coach their guests during their stay.

Corporate wellness programs integrate health and wellness trainers into their structure in order to optimize the workday for employees in terms of their well-being and health.

As a Vitality & Health trainer you could also strive to be self-employed and support and train individuals or groups in your own facility.