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What is a Wellness & Fitness Personal Trainer? What do they do?

Wellness & Fitness Personal Trainer coach and train individuals using exercise and mental training techniques to promote good health and prevent disease. In courses or one on one, wellness-oriented trainers can lead sessions with a focus on specific movements and exercises.

Depending on your chosen area of expertise, your employer or self-employed status, you can create training offers that focus on specific sports. This can be, for example, cycling, aqua fitness, running, nordic walking as well as various kinds of outdoor training, and all of these receive some attention in our Wellness & Fitness Personal Trainer Course contents.

Wellness & Fitness trainers can also function as relaxation coaches and teach their clients relaxation techniques that can help them deal with stress from the workplace, for example.

Wellness coaches are also well-versed in the area of nutrition and diet, and there is a demand for their expertise in the form of lectures, workshops or seminars in order to share their knowledge with health-conscious individuals.

What does a Wellness & Fitness Personal Trainer earn?

Because the specific tasks of a Wellness & Fitness trainer are not explicitly defined and are rather flexible, there is not a standard salary to which we can easily refer. On average, one can estimate between €1,300 and €1,960 monthly salary.

Often employers will offer additional services, such as training & education, reduced rates or free use of the facilities(fitness studios or wellness centers) or free room & board.

Where do Wellness & Fitness trainers work?

Wellness & Fitness Personal Trainers can work in various wellness facilities such as hotels or health centers, as well as in standard fitness studios and gyms or sports clubs. Certain institutions focused on adult education and training also sometimes require wellness-oriented trainers. Of course there is also the option of self-employment.

In spas, hotels and other similar facilities, wellness and fitness trainers can create programs for the guests that are suited to their physical fitness and support them in the areas of nutrition, health and stress management.

Self-employed wellness & fitness trainers work as personal trainers or coaches or can offer seminars, workshops and courses.