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What do the certifications EN ISO 9001, ÖNORM D1501, TÜV certified courses and Ö-Cert mean?

The Austrian certification agency TÜV Austria Cert GmbH has certified our quality management system, and we have been awarded the specific certificatin for EN ISO 9001. The means that the internal structures of our educational institution are certified.

TÜV-certified courses
As already mentioned, there are not specific standards set for the content of fitness and wellness education. On our own initiative we have sought out this certification and offer courses that have been inspected in terms of the course contents, instructor qualifications and exam procedure. We want to stand out from competitors in this respect and guarantee the quality of our course contents.

The course Wellness & Fitness Personal Trainer has met the specifications of this standardization norm. This certification stipulates the course units, practical hours, and the course content.

There are several providers who describe their courses as certified according to Ö-Cert . One could incorrectly assume that the entire course is certified. Ein Laie könnte hier irrtümlicherweise glauben, dass der gesamte Lehrgang zertifiziert ist. Dies ist leider nicht richtig. Wer Ö-Cert als Ausbildungsanbieter erhält, hat eine Zertifizierung als Qualitätsanbieter in der Erwachsenenbildung und ist somit bei Förderstellen für Förderansuchen in Österreich gelistet.