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Fitness Trainer B-License

Online Fitness Trainer B-License!

Use our online course as the perfect entry into your professional life as a Fitness Trainer! Profit from a virtual learning model that gives you total Flexibility so you can study anytime, anywhere.

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Course Contents

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Start your career as a fitness trainer!

Our Online Fitness Trainer course provides you with all the basic information you need to get started in the fitness industry. Whether you want to work in a fitness studio or independently as a self-employed fitness trainer, or if you simply want to optimize your own training, our online Fitness Trainer B-License creates a solid foundation for your plans!

The completely online Fitness Trainer B-License allows you to study independent of time and place. Study with complete flexibility, when and where you want. We support you with prepared reading, presentations and numerous videos that you can access from anywhere. The study materials are available to you forever, even after you complete the course!

What can you expect from this course of study?

In the Basic Knowledge Module you will learn important anatomy, physiology and training theory basics. Other topics include basic nutrition, customer service and communication, marketing as a personal trainer, and first-aid basics for common sports injuries. We also provide videos showing you an introductory selection of the most important machines for strength training.

After completing this course you are prepared to help customers improve their fitness level and begin a healthier lifestyle. Your certification of course completion will be available in digital form and mailed to you as a high-quality printed certificate.

You want to take the next step and include in-person classroom or one-to-one sessions with an instructor covering the work you will be doing in the fitness studio? Then take a look at our Fitness & Health Personal Trainer courses.

Do you have any questions about this course? We are happy to consult with you directly! Just contact us now and we will be happy to help.

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  • Individual Timeframe
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  • Bonus Module
  • Certificate Available German, English, Spanish
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  • NADA Anti-Doping Module
  • Exam fees included
  • 4K HD Videos
  • Career Coaching
Buy Now € 588,-
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Individual Timeframe
Free Demo
Support via E-mail, telephone and WhatsApp
Course Text
All modules available immediately
Bonus Module
Certificate Available German, English, Spanish
Coupon for up to 35% off (on additional upgrades)
High-quality Printed Certificate
Certificate Postal Delivery
NADA Anti-Doping Module
Exam fees included
4K HD Videos
Career Coaching
Absolute Best Price
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In this course you will...

  • gain a better understanding of human muscle anatomy and exercise physiology.
  • what important nutrition considerations exist for active individuals and how to optimize fluid intake during training.
  • cover important topics that every studio fitness trainer deals with, such as occupational and basic legal considerations and customer-oriented approaches.
  • learn the correct execution of basic exercises using strength machines, injury prevention techniques and first-aid basics for sports injuries.

151 Videos!

in 4K HD

One of the videos from the course

Get started in the world of fitness today!

Prerequisite Requirements 

  • written or online registration
  • basic physical fitness

Experience with strength training machines or a gym/fitness studio membership is advantageous.
Final Exam

  • Online exams (subject exams & final exam)
  • Documented practical hours
  • Participation in an in-person unit for strength training machines
Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion
The following certificates will be awarded (available in DE, EN, ES) :

Österreich Fahne "Fitness Trainer B-License"

Deutschland Fahne "Fitness Trainer B-License"

The course of study/zur Fitness Trainer B-License is certified by the ZFU in Germany (Zul.-Nr.: 7324018), including the subjects of the Foundational Knowledge Module (Zul.-Nr.: 7324018c)

ZFU Siegel ZFU Siegel Fachseminar
  • Nationally certified course
  • Modular course structure with over 500 Full HD course videos
  • Lecturer presentations with key information, relevant graphs, charts and photos
  • Educated, dedicated and diverse team of instructors
  • Study at your own tempo, according to your own motivation, 6 months maximum for course completion, extend or add an optional support period afterwards
  • Certification does not expire & is valid worldwide!
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Best available price-performance ratio with a best price guarantee!
  • Cost-effective upgrades (up to 35% off) for additional courses (view upgrade prices...)
  • Highest quality of education
  • No additional fees for exams or certificates
  • Easily upgrade course units to in-person classroom days
  • Online Academy Account can be accessed forever  and so much more!
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Course Structure

Subjects of the Fitness Fundamentals Module
(Anatomy, Physiology, Training Theory, Basic Nutrition and more)

Specialization Fitness Trainer B-License Module
(individual course units can be simply and flexibly upgraded to in-person classroom units)
Course Contents

(1) Anatomy; (2) Physiology; (3) Training Theory; (4) Strength Training Machines; (5) Basic Professional Skills; (6) Sports Psychology; (7) Sports Medicine;

TÜV EN ISO 9001 ZFU Siegel

This online course is nationally certified  (Reg. No. 7324018) with ZFU (DE | German Central Office for Distance Learning

For possible self-employment, please read the information in the FAQ section FAQ or in the Course Catalog, page 5.

Detailed Course Contents

Module Fitness Trainer B-License
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Why should you choose our Fitness Trainer B-License ?

New markets in the fitness, wellness and preventive medicine industries are constantly emerging and creating new and flourishing occupational opportunities. The demand for qualified professionals such as fitness trainers is continually growing. Are you enthusiastic about fitness and want to help others achieve more vitality and provide professional support for their fitness endeavors? The course Fitness Trainer B-License covers all of the important basic competencies that are needed for your future profession in the fitness studio. Our team of experts will train you using current, research-based information, so you can begin your career in the fitness branch confidently!


Study with maximum FLEXIBILITY and at your own pace with the FITNESS TRAINER-B LICENSE

The Fitness Trainer B-License Course can be easily integrated into your day, since all course material is available online. After registering you will receive access for your Online Campus and can begin watching the course videos right away.

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