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How does one become a group fitness instructor?

You can start the Aerobic Instructor Course, also called Group Fitness Instructor Course, here at Flexyfit Sports Academy anytime - we have total flexibility!

After registering for the course, you can get started anytime with the Online Basic Knowledge Module and the Module for Group Fitness Instructor can be completed with 48 classroom units.

After completing your final exam, you will receive your certificate not only online but also as a high quality printed version, which we will send you via postal service.

Still uncertain? Our courses offer the best price-performance ratio with a best-price guarantee and are eligible for up to 100% funding from financial aid and grant providers.

You can get in touch anytime via telephone, chat or in person for a free consultation.

What do aerobic trainer or group fitness instructors do?

Aerobic instructors or group fitness instructors lead group fitness classes, such as "Fat Burn", "Cardio Step" und "Bodywork", with professional expertise and enthusiasm.

They are responsible for helping participants maintain proper posture and technique and provide verbal and visual cues to the class, along with instructions for the exercises in the program.

The course plan is also the responsibility of the group fitness instructor, which usually includes the integration of appropriate music. Of course motivation and enthusiasm are a big part of the job, so group fitness instructors must also understand how to motivate a variety of clients.