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The Fitness Fundamentals Module for all of our courses is now available completely online as e-Learning!

Complete the theoretical portion of your studying and exams from home. Flexytastic!

just € 399,-

How does it work?

No matter which course you choose, all build on the same base. This shared course material is our Fitness Fundamentals Module.

The Fitness Fundamentals Module encompasses all of the important theoretical materal that forms the basis for every Flexyfit course. This means that whether you choose the course Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Relaxation Coach, or any other course with us, you need to start with the Fitness Fundamentals!

You now have the possibility to start the Fitness Fundamentals Module before making the decision about which course to take!

Why begin with the Fitness Fundamentals Module?

We have made it possible for you to get started and take the first step right away! Maybe you are not quite sure which course fits you best or in which direction you are headed with your fitness career. Perhaps you prefer to get to know the course material a bit before you commit to investing in a complete course. Maybe you do not want to wait until the next course start date and are ready to start your education NOW.

With the flexible and modular structure of our courses, adding and combining courses is possible at anytime. The course costs for the Fitness Fundamentals Module will be subtracted from any course you add.

Fitness Fundamentals Module


The foundational knowledge for all of our courses neatly packaged in 4K HD video lessons.

565 Videos

23 Hours 12 Minutes

€ 399,-

Detailed Course Contents

Fitness Fundamentals Module

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